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Garage Door CLicker KLIK1U

This Chamberlain’s universal Garage Door Clicker is one of the most practical garage door opener remote control in the market today. You can use it as an replacement remote control or damaged garage door opener remote control.

This universal Garage Door Clicker works with all mayor garage door openers in the market today. It will work with all non rolling or rolling code openers from brands like Genie®, Linear/Moore-o-Matic®, Stanley®, Wayne-Dalton®, Craftsman®, Chamberlain® , LiftMaster® and many other.

His lightweight plastic housing with two button design allows you to control multiple doors or gates, and it conveniently mounts on the automobile’s visor. Garage Door Clicker unit is easily programmed to your specific garage door opener by simply adjusting a set of switches or smart/learn button (depend on type of your opener).

With this universal Garage Door Clicker you don’t have to worry if you are buying the right remote control for your doors or gates.

This Garage Door Clicker can make your life much easier. You don’t have to carry two different opener control remotes every time you live your home. Now you can use just one and open all your doors with just one remote.

Garage Door Clicker comes with one year warranty. That makes this Garage Door Clicker a hustle FREE buy.


Technical Details

- Two button replacement remote control.

- Replaces your lost garage door opener remote control or adds an extra remote to your multi-car family.

- Rolling and non rolling code compatible.

- Can operate up to two different brand openers at one time.

- Includes one 9V battery and visor clip.

- Lightweight plastic housing.

- One year warranty.

As you can see, this is great replacement universal garage door clicker. If you want to buy it cheaper, go to

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Best Universal Garage Door Keypads

There is so many different brands of garage door openers and even more different models, it’s hard to find the right garage door keypad. You have to find the right keypad that is made for your brand and model of opener if you want to make it work. That can really be pain in the butt.

Luckily, there is very simple solution to this problem and is called Universal Garage Door Keypad. Universal garage door keypad is made to work with different types, brands and models of garage door and gate openers. Some even allow you to operate multiple different brand openers at same time.

But before you go and grab one, you want to make sure it will work with your opener, because most of universal garage door keypads are not 100% universal. Some will work with just few brands, other will work with almost every opener you can find.

Below you can find three of the Best Universal Garage Door Keypads by mine opinion. Check with seller if keypad is compatible with your keypad.

Chamberlain KLIK2U Universal Garage Door Keypad
Chamberlain KLIK2U
This is probably the best universal garage door keypad on the market right now. It works with all mayor brand garage door openers and is very simple to program. It has smart learn button, back-lit keypad and 4 digit security code. KLIK2U is powered by one 9-volt battery, which is included.This keypad should work with Genie®, Linear/Moore-o-Matic®, Stanley®, Overhead Door®, Wayne-Dalton®, Craftsman®, Chamberlain® and LiftMaster® that have 300/310/315/372/390 MHz receivers. Best place to get one is
Skylink 89 Universal Garage Door Keypad
Universal garage door keypad
This universal garage door keypad is perfect for older openers. It works with majority openers made since 1975 to 2008. This are some of the openers and frequencies this keypad works with: Chamberlain® 1983-2002 390MHz, Genie® / Mastercraft® 1983-2008 390MHz, Lift-Master® 1983-2002 390MHz, Linear® (DT) 1975-2008 310MHz, Linear® MegaCodeTM 1985-2008 318MHz, Master Mechanic® 1983-1997 390MHz, Moore-O-Matic® (Delta 3) 1983-2008 310MHz, Multi-Code® (10 pos) 1976-2008 300MHz/310MHz, Overhead®* 1983-1997 390MHz, Pulsar® / Allister® 1985-2008 318MHz, Sears® / Craftsman® 1983-2002 390MHz, Skylink® UR100 Receiver 1990-2008 390MHz, Stanley® (10 pos) 1976-2008 300MHz/310MHz and Wayne Dalton®1983-1997 300MHz/390MHz.If the Model 89 is not compatible with your existing garage door opener, you can purchase Universal Receiver Model UR-100 to work in conjunction with Model 89. This combination is guarantee to work with all garage door openers. You can get one over at
Liftmaster 387lm Universal Garage Door Keypad
Universal Garage Door Keypad 387lm
This is another great universal garage door keypad made by Liftmaster®. It have all the same functionalitys as Chamberlain KLIK2U Universal Garage Door Keypad. 387lm is also powered by one 9-volt battery, have backlit keypad and weatherproof slide-up protective cover.This keypad works with all Genie®, Linear/Moore-o-Matic®, Stanley®, Overhead Door®, Wayne-Dalton®, Craftsman®, Chamberlain® and LiftMaster® that have 300/310/315/372/390 MHz receivers. Best place to get one is over at
If you have any questions about any of this universal garage dor keypads, please leave me comment bellow.

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Skylink 318TN Keychain Transmitter

  • Can be used to control plug-in lighting, fan or small appliances with SW-318R Wireless Switch Receiver (sold separately)

Product Description
Open your garage and turn on a light from your keychain. By adding a single lightweight unit to your keychain, you’ll have easy access to your garage, and you’ll even be able to turn on a light before you enter your home! The two-button Keychain Transmitter sends a wireless signal to the Garage Door Receiver (not included), which triggers your automatic garage door system to open or close. With the second button, the Keychain Transmitter will turn on a light, fan or appliance that’s plugged into a Switch Receiver (not included). Programming the Keychain Transmitter is simple; just align the codes to match those on the receiver modules. A battery is pre-installed, so you’re ready to use this handy device as soon as the receivers are plugged in. This is not a Universal Garage door remote and that it may not work with all systems

Click here to get Skylink 318TN Keychain Transmitter

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Genie GICT390-1BL One-Button Remote Control with Intellicode

  • Easy to program
  • For use with Intellicode openers manufactured after 1995

Product Description
Deluxe 1 Button Remote, For Intellicode Garage Door Openers.

Genie GICT390-1BL One-Button Remote Control with Intellicode

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Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad

  • Security+ rolling code technology protects your home from code grabbers
  • Allows garage access without remote using private 4-digit security code
  • No wiring required, mounts with just the two included screws
  • Programmable access feature allows you to set a one-time access code
  • Compatible with 390 MHz units

Product Description
Lets you open or close the garage door from the exterior of the house with a key pad no wiring necessary. Rolling code technology. Uses 12V battery. Flip up cover for protection from the elements. Compatible with Security+ operators only. Illuminated fo

Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad

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