Skylink 318TN Keychain Transmitter

Skylink 318TN Keychain Transmitter

  • Can be used to control plug-in lighting, fan or small appliances with SW-318R Wireless Switch Receiver (sold separately)

Product Description
Open your garage and turn on a light from your keychain. By adding a single lightweight unit to your keychain, you’ll have easy access to your garage, and you’ll even be able to turn on a light before you enter your home! The two-button Keychain Transmitter sends a wireless signal to the Garage Door Receiver (not included), which triggers your automatic garage door system to open or close. With the second button, the Keychain Transmitter will turn on a light, fan or appliance that’s plugged into a Switch Receiver (not included). Programming the Keychain Transmitter is simple; just align the codes to match those on the receiver modules. A battery is pre-installed, so you’re ready to use this handy device as soon as the receivers are plugged in. This is not a Universal Garage door remote and that it may not work with all systems

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2 Responses to Skylink 318TN Keychain Transmitter

  1. The opener is working well. I just wish it had a visor clip. I used the double-backed tape and just taped it to my visor instead.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Loyd Hill says:

    This beats having the real transmitter to my craftsman. Lots cheaper and smaller to carry. The item came very quickly. I have used this seller in the past and will continue in the future. Would like to see some kind of discount for repeat buyers.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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