Liftmaster 375LM Remote Clicker Universal Remote Garage Door Opener Transmitter

  • Dual frequency/dual manufacturer design buttons are independent so it can control two different garage door or gate manufacturers/frequencies at the same time
  • Compatible with Chamberlain Craftsman Liftmaster; Genie Intellicode 1995 to Current
  • Linear/Moore-o-Matic® from 1997 to Present; Wayne-Dalton® from 1999 to Present
  • Stanley® from 1998 to Present; Overhead Door CodeDodger® 2005 to Present
  • Remote, battery(installed), visor clip included

Product Description
The 375LM Universal Remote is perfect if you need to replace a damaged or non-functioning keyless entry, or just want to compliment your existing garage access system, the new LiftMaster® Universal Keyless Entry is the perfect single-source solution. It is designed to work with a variety of brands of garage door openers to give you convenient, secure access to your garage and home. And as with all our LiftMaster products, delivers the latest technology in security, convenience, and performance.

Liftmaster 375LM Remote Clicker Universal Remote Garage Door Opener Transmitter

5 Responses to Liftmaster 375LM Remote Clicker Universal Remote Garage Door Opener Transmitter

  1. Jay Brandt says:

    When we bought our house, it was an “as-is” deal and when the house was cleared out when the former owner ended up permanently hospitalized, whoever cleared it out took everything, including the remotes for the garage doors. I was looking for something that could control each of my doors separately and wasn’t very expensive (after all, we’d just bought a house, so money was a little tight). So, we bought 2 of these units for our cars. Pairing them with our LiftMaster openers was simple and took a total of about 10 minutes. The only things that I’d say against these units is that they’re a little cheaply made (but, then again they are inexpensive) and their range is not great – you basically have to be right in front of the door for them to work reliably. Sometimes they work from the end of our 25ft drive, but you can’t count on it.

    But overall, they’re not expensive, they work, and they’re easy to program, so I’m happy with them.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Bob Pentel says:

    This is a universal 2 – button remote that works on 390Mhz and 315Mhz rolling code freq or the older DIP switch settings technolgy. Very easy to set up. I have two garage doors one with a Genie opener system and one with a Chamberlain system; works well with both types.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. A. Maxwell says:

    We actually still had one of the original remote from 1986 for our Chaimberlain door openers. Both doors had the same code so it was really frustrating before, but now I can open each one individually! Instructions are pretty easy to follow. Not a big deal at all having to click the button 15 times per door. Range is also good enough. Don’t try to match the code on the original remote like I did. It doesnt recognize the 0 (middle) setting for the older openers. Just go ahead and change the code on your opener if it is the DIP switch type.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Mark Carter says:

    Being down to our last remote for our old garage opener, I was beginning to wonder how to get another remote. I got this just for fun, I didn’t think it would work, but it was inexpensive enough to try out.

    After reading the instructions, I was now absolutely positive it would not work. You have set dip switches (open your current remote and set it to the same dip switch pattern), and press the remote button a certain number of times (in my case 17 times). So here I am, pressing the button 17 times, thinking how stupid this is, but on the 17th press, amazingly the door opened. Of course, after you do this, you only have the press the button once to get it to work, but there seems to be a delay as it runs through your programming again.

    Here is the instructions from LiftMaster:
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. We have old Stanley door openers. Stanley is pretty lame that it no longer sells or supports them, so I was looking for a universal remote that could handle 2 doors for our second vehicle. It was a bit involved to program the 10 rocker dip switch, but the following the instructions to the letter worked perfectly. The hardest part was climbing up on a ladder to see the dip switch settings on the openers. The range is good, but not great — definitely usable. I’m buying a second one for the other car to replace the original bulky one-door opener that came with the Stanley installation.


    Opens 2 doors

    Truly universal, handles many manufacturers

    Small size

    Cons (minor):

    Involved programming for dip-switch systems


    Thumbs up.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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