Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad

Fingerprint garage door keypad 379lmI always liked to use Garage Door Clicker, because I didn’t have to have a clicker with me every time I wanted to open my garage. The only tricky problem was remembering my PIN number. And I’m even old or senile. I just get confused sometimes, because I have to remember all these pin numbers, like mobile phone pin, credit card pin, atm pin, security safe pin,… Just too many numbers to remember, so sometimes I just enter the wrong one.

Yesterday I was visiting my friend and we were talking about how much pin numbers person has to remember this day. And then he said that he doesn’t have to remember so much pin numbers anymore. I ask him how come? He said, I just bought Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad.

I was wow, they actually sell Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad? I couldn’t believe. I work in garage door industry and somehow I overlooked this great product.

He told me that he is using Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad for about a week now and he couldn’t be happier. He can open or close the door without a remote, pin number of key. The thing that he liked the most is that now even his senile mother in law (she is living with his family) and his 7 and 8 years old kids can open garage door. Before that, he always had to open the doors for everyone. I know he is not a technical kind of a guy (he can barely change the tire), so I asked him if he had any problem with mounting or programming it. Hi said no, I did it all by myself. Keypad only has 2 screws and no wires to deal with. It came with easy to follow programming instructions, so I did everything in like four steps.

I was so amazed that I decided to buy one for myself too. As soon as I came home, I went online to find one. Very soon I found few offers from few official Liftmaster dealers, but I didn’t like the price tag. Most of the offers were between 103.95-119.95$. That was kind of out of my budget, so I decided to wait a little bit. But today I remembered that I forgot the check if Amazon is selling Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad. I bought my last garage door clicker here and the price was much lower than anywhere else. And I was right. I couldn’t believe the price tag for Liftmaster fingerprint garage door keypad 379lm. It was almost half of the price I saw anywhere else. So I order one before they change the prices.

Before I order I did check what I was buying. Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad model 379lm from Liftmaster works with all 315MHz door openers with purple learn button or purple antenna or silver buttons with glowing blue lights and even if your original remote have with logo, that you can in the end of this article. It comes with standard security features like security+ rolling code technology. This keyless entry is powered by 4 AAA batteries and they are already included. It only needs 2 screws (included) for installation and no wires. Works great in conjunction with 377lm keyless entry. Model 379lm can remember up to 4 different fingerprints, but I order model 379lm-10 that can remember up to 10 different fingerprints.

I can’t wait to get this Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad in my hands. There will be one PIN number less to remember. If you like this Fingerprint Garage Door Keypad, you can buy it cheaper here! Buy it now, before the price goes up.

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