Garage Door Keypad

Garage Door Keypad is very useful thing to have at home. Garage Door Keypad is garage door remote control that you can put anywhere in the house and outside of the house. That way you always know where it is. You can control multiple garage doors or gates You can use it in combination with normal Garage Door Clicker or without.

Using Garage Door Keypad is very easy to use. All you have to do is type in your unique four digit code and press enter button and garage door will open, close or stop. What ever you want them to do. You may ask your self why Garage Door Keypad have four digit code and not just close/open button. Because you can put your keypad anywhere inside or outside of the house anyone could open your door. And you don’t want that. Because of four digit code only persons that you gave your code can open your door. Another good reason to have Garage Door Keypad is that you don’t have to carry your remote with you every time you want to open your door or gate. This is specially practical when you are working around your house and you need to go in to your garage.

You can do more then just open one garage door. You can operate with multiple garage doors and gates. All you need to do is to program individual four digit code for every door or gate. If you have garage door or gate openers from different brands you can still use just one keypad. But in this case you need to buy Universal Garage Door Keypad. Chamberlain’s Clicker Keypad is one of the best. You can operate with all mayor garage door and gate openers in the market today.

Garage Door Keypad is also very save to use. If you own garage door remote you most likely already asked yourself “what if I loss my remote? What if someone still my remote and try to enter my garage?” This can’t happen with Garage Door Keypad. You can’t just loss it, because is mounted to your wall and you also have to know a four digit code to open the door. Because four digit code is unique for every door, there is almost no chance that someone will just guess your code. Keypads are wireless, so no one can cut your cable and make contact to open your doors. That is one of the best safety feature that keypads have it.

Keypads are charged with 9V battery so you don’t need to do any cable installation. Because of there backlit they are easy to use at nighttime. To install them you only need two screws and you don’t need to be any expert to do it.

Programming Garage Door Keypad is very simple. In most cases you just type in your personal four digit code, after that you press programming button on opener and after that you press Enter button on keypad. And that’s it. You can change your personal code at any time you want. When choosing your personal code keep in mind this warning. Don’t use just some easy to think of numbers like 1234 or 4321. Because this will be first numbers that anyone will try. Try to think of some unique to you number, but don’t use your, partner’s or children birthday date. Also try to avoid your anniversary date.

Knowing all that, you can use your Garage Door Keypad in safe, practical and fun way.

4 Responses to Garage Door Keypad

  1. Barbara Wulczyn says:

    We have a Clicker garage door opener that I’d like instructions on changing the code, please (we use five digits). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks very much, Barb

  2. admin says:

    Hi Barb! Can you please tell me which model of clicker garage door opener you have? I need that info for further instructions.

  3. Bruce says:

    I have a Clicker keypad that works fine,
    but it\’s time to change the code.

    How do I do that?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Bruce. You change code the same way you program keypad. You can find instruction video right here:

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