Universal Garage Door Remote

Garage Door CLicker KLIK1U
Genie GIRUD-1T

Have you lost or damage your garage door remote? Is your garage door open so old, that they don’t make remotes for that model anymore? That is not a problem anymore. All you need to have is Universal Garage Door Remote. Universal Garage Door Remote is make to work with almost all garage door openers. It doesn’t matter if you have opener with rolling or non-rolling code.

Most of them, like Chamberlain® KLIK1U Clicker, have smart learn button that makes programming as easy as possible. You can also program two different brand openers on same remote control. That way you can have just one remote to open all garage doors or gates. KLIK1U Clicker have two big easy to press buttons, but at the same time is so small, that you can use it on key chain. This Universal Garage Door Remote works with all mayor opener manufacturers except Genie® .

If you have Genie® garage door opener, I suggest you to use Genie GIRUD-1T universal garage door remote that converts any non Genie® garage door opener to an Intellicode® system. This universal garage door clicker also works with all mayor garage door manufacturers.

If you need replacement for your old not working remote or you just want to have one instead two remotes, you have to buy universal garage door remote. Check here for bigger choice.

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